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Welcome to Zed’s Repertoire

I’m a qualified chef with over 30 years experience. This site Is my personal collection of recipes, and was originally published online back in 1997. I made this site primarily for my own benefit for the following reasons:
  1. I got sick of transferring It from cookbook to cookbook when the books fell apart.
  2. Web pages have a much smaller file size than a word processing document & load heaps faster than a word processing document as well.
  3. So I could access my personal repertoire wherever I was at the time on any device.
  4. People would often ask for a recipe for something or another. I would always have to type it, fax it, email it or something like that, so they’re all here, come & help yourself!
Bon Appetite!

Chef Zed

Come On In

You are most welcome to come on in, browse about, and enjoy the splendors inside. When it come to cooking, my main passion is desserts and pastries, for that reason currently more than 50% of the recipes on this site are desserts & pastries. There are so many more recipes that I haven’t put here yet, so if there is something in particular you are looking, for let me know… I am often adding new recipes here whenever time permits, so please be sure to check back occasionally. If you would like to be notified when new content is added to this site, then subscribe using the form on the bottom of the page.

About the Glossary

open book
Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the Glossary section of this site. It contains valuable bits of information, and certain terms you should familiarize yourself with, in order to make some of these recipes as successful as possible. If at any stage you come across a term or phrase mentioned in any of these recipes, then consult the Glossary. If you come across a term or phrase that isn't in the glossary, then please contact me, and will be happy to explain, in a very timely fashion. If you require any assistance, I will be pleased to help! Do yourself a favor, read the Glossary, knowledge is power!

Mobile First Approach

This site has been designed with a 'Mobile First' approach, meaning it is optimized to function efficiently on any mobile device, such as smartphones and tablets, which is exactly the opposite approach of almost all other websites worldwide. Almost every website is designed to look great on a computer, then scaled back to look ok on a tablet, and horrific on a phone. It has been a challenge but I have achieved exactly the opposite, by incorporating the latest available technologies and 'Responsive Design' throughout this entire site, to ensure readability throughout all sections and features.


Life Ring
Take a few moments to go over the Help Section, as it contains valuable information about working with butter or margarine, common cake faults and how to rectify them, working with chocolate and how to successfully prepare it, choosing the right flour for the job, and general Hints & Tips. When all else fails, Contact Me.

Printing Recipes

There is something that almost all recipe websites have in common, and something that I've always hated, a blatant disregard for your ability to print, and easily read the printed recipe. They waste all your valuable color ink printing all the useless advertisements, and extra page content that isn't related to the recipe you'd like to print. When the recipe is finally printed, what you are left with is a tiny recipe which you can hardly read, after all the other content was printed also.
Zed to the rescue…
This website uses a 'Printer Friendly' approach to printing recipes. On each individual recipe you will see a 'Print Friendly Version' button, like the one below. What this will do is print the recipe and nothing else, saving your valuable ink and not wasting your resources. In the instance below, the button will just print the above two paragraphs, and nothing else on this page.

A family thats cooks together, stays together.
Zed Troth
Being a chef by trade a lot of the recipes in here are made for bulk production. I have tried wherever possible to calm them down for domestic use.