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My trade as a chef originated in Australia, where they use the metric system of measurements (Grams/Kilograms). Since migrating to the United States in 2008, I have added many new recipes and written them with United States customary system (USCS or USC) measurements (Pounds/Ounces). The conversion tables here are for your convenience to ensure an accurate final product.

Digital Scales

One of the best pieces of kitchen equipment you can invest in, is a set of digital scales. With digital scales, there really is no need to worry about weight or volume conversions, as all digital scales I've come across have the ability to measure in both metric (grams and kilograms), and the US Customary System (pounds and ounces). So digital scales are an invaluable asset to any perspiring cook, NO, that wasn't a typo! You can generally pick up a good set for around the $25 mark, worth every cent! Battery operated ones are my favorite, rather than a set that needs to be plugged into mains power.

Less Washing Up

Another huge advantage of digital scales, believe it or not, is a huge reduction in washing up an excessive amount of equipment and utensils. All digital scales have to ability to 'Zero Out'. For example, when I make bread, I place the mixing bowl on the scales and zero it out, then add the flour and zero it out, then add the yeast and zero it out, then add the sugar and zero it out, then add the oil and zero it out, then add the water and mix it all up. This process has left me with one piece of equipment to wash up, the mixing bowl. So if you don't enjoy washing up, then invest in a set of digital scales, they are not expensive.


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