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Weight Conversions

Ounces can be used for measuring both volume and weigh, but they are very different. An ounce of water by volume will weigh MUCH more than an ounce of flour by volume.
It is OK to measure wet ingredients by volume, but dry ingredients are better measured by weight. When measured by volume, dry ingredients can be way off because they contain a lot of air. Some flours are ground into courser bits than others, and they will have more air between grains than finely ground flour. The same is true for salt. Maldon salt has almost twice as much air than the same volume of table salt because Maldon salt crystals are shaped like flakes, while table salt is shaped like cubes, and cubes can pack together more tightly. That's why professional bakers always weight.

1 gmA Bee's Dick
5 gm1 tsp
10 gm1/3 oz
20 gm3/4 oz
50 gm1 3/4 oz
100 gm3 1/2 oz
250 gm (1/4 Kg)9 oz
500 gm (1/2 Kg)1 lb 2 oz
750 gm (3/4 Kg)1 lb 10 oz
1000 gm (1 Kg)2 lb 4 oz