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Butter or Margarine?

The purpose of this section is not to discuss which is better, butter or margarine. There are millions of web pages and websites out there which will all give conflicting information about which is best, and even so called health professionals cannot agree themselves.
From a chef’s point of view, and someone that has always appreciated and preferred FRESH ingredients over chemicals, I can tell you that I trust the cow any day over the chemist.

Salted or Unsalted?

Unless stated otherwise, all recipes on this website will use UNSALTED BUTTER even if the recipe just says butter, think about it! If you are making a sweet dessert, the sugar is the sweetening agent in the recipe. If a recipe requires salt, the salt will be stated as a separate ingredient. Sometimes salt is added to a recipe for a particular chemical reaction in food, for example, to raise the temperature of boiling water for the purpose of cooking something faster and retaining more nutrition and vitamin content in the ingredients.
Personally I can’t stand it when someone offers me a cookie or cake, and the first thing I can taste is salt, simply because someone has used regular butter (salted butter). I always appreciate food that has been given to me, especially desserts & cookies, and it isn’t necessarily the fault of the person that made the salty product but the lack of knowledge in preparing fine desserts.
Here lies the purpose of this section of this website, to educate those that care to understand the finer points of fine dessert making. At home, I only EVER buy Unsalted Butter from the supermarket, ever since I was trained as a chef.
Even when it comes to cooking foods that aren’t dessert or sweet related, I still use unsalted butter and add salt if necessary for whatever reason. You can add salt to unsalted butter, but you cannot remove salt from salted butter, why keep both on hand in the refrigerator?