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This page will change over time, so be sure to check back occasionally for more tips.

Ginger: Keep fresh ginger in the freezer and grate it straight from frozen.

Burger Patties: The best way I have found to ensure your burgers are of uniform size and thickness is to roll the burgers into balls of the same size, and place them on a sheet of parchment paper on the counter top. Place a second sheet of parchment paper on top of the burger balls and place a cutting board on top of the upper sheet of paper. Press down evenly on the cutting board all around and in the middle also. When you remove the cutting board and the upper sheet of paper, they are all of even size and thickness.

Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs: The easiest way to peel hard boiled eggs is firstly to only cooked them in boiling water for exactly 11 minutes, not more, not less. Secondly, cool the cooked eggs in cold running water. Finally when the eggs are cool, put one egg at a time in a small cup and just cover the egg with cold water, put your hand over the cup and shake the cup vigorously for a few seconds and the shell should then peel of off extremely easily usually in one piece.

Peeling Garlic: The easiest way to peel garlic is to break the individual gloves from the bulb and place them in a hard container with a tight fitting lid. Shake the container vigorously and all the clove skins will become loose and can then be easily removed from the garlic.

Vanilla Sugar: When making recipes that require vanilla beans, don't throw the outer bean husk away after scraping out the beans for the recipe, rinse if necessary. Allow the beans to dry for a few days and put the dry bean halves into a canister or suitable container, and fill or cover with fine white sugar, and allow to sit for at least two weeks. This makes an excellent vanilla sugar which can be used in any dessert recipe. I prefer to collect about 12 bean halves (6 vanilla beans) before making the vanilla sugar. After you have used some of the vanilla sugar, keep topping up the canister and continue to put dry beans in there as you have them left over. This sugar will last indefinitely if its kept topped up with sugar.

Digital Scales: One of the best pieces of kitchen equipment you can invest in, is a set of digital scales. With digital scales, there really is no need to worry about weight or volume conversions, as all digital scales I've come across have the ability to measure in both metric (grams and kilograms), and the US Customary System (pounds and ounces). So digital scales are an invaluable asset to any perspiring cook, NO, that wasn't a typo! You can generally pick up a good set for around the $25 mark, worth every cent! Battery operated ones are my favorite, rather than a set that needs to be plugged into mains power.