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Almost all bread recipes use warm water or body temperature water. Its easy to tell when water is at body temperature. If you stick your finger in the water, and it neither feels colder than your finger or warmer than you finger, then its body temperature. In one of the bread pictures, you'll notice a serrated knife, sometimes I break my own rules. Bread should always be cut with a sharp knife, but not a serrated one. Bread should either be torn apart by hand, or cut with a sharp knife. All a serrated knife does is produce breadcrumbs as it TARES through the bread, which is blasphemous. Cutting bread with a sharp knife will not produce breadcrumbs on the cutting board.
Note: Bread Improver can, and should be, added to all the bread recipes here. Even if bread improver isn't listed as an ingredient, its best to include some for best results. For more information of bread improver, how much to use, and the benefits of using it, check out the Bread Improver recipe here.


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Basic Bread

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Bread Improver

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Bread Sticks

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Corn Bread

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Cuban Bread

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Fruit & Nut Bread

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Gingerbread House

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Honey, Wheat & Oat

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Hot Cross Buns

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Pita Bread

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Pizza Dough

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Potato Bread

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Pretzel Bread

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Rye Bread

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Whole Wheat Bread

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Zed's Bread

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