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Pasta and Noodle Recipes

This section covers all recipes relating to pasta, pasta products and noodles.

Most of the pasta recipes in this section don't use salt in them. I think salt is really unnecessary in the dough, as the pasta should be cooked in salted boiling water, and some of the salt will incorporate into the cooked pasta. Even if the recipe calls for salt, you can safely omit it. The reason pasta should be cooked in salted boiling water, is the same reason that most vegetables and food should be cooked in salted boiling water. Salt in water raises the boiling temperature of the water, and because of the higher water temperature, more vitamins and nutrients are retained in the final product. Excessive cooking times = more nutrient loss when cooked. Salt in boiling water = faster cooking times. Contrary to popular belief, salt isn't added to water for flavor, its added to decrease the cooking time and retain vitamins, minerals and nutrients. So as a warning to people on a reduced salt intake diets, if you omit salt in the cooking process, you maybe also reducing your vitamin and nutrient intake.

Basic Pasta

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Carrot Pasta

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Chinese Egg Noodles

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Corn Pasta

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Extrusion Pasta

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Lo Mein Noodles

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Orange Pasta

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Peppered Pappardelle

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Pasta #1

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Pasta #2

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Rye Pasta

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Semolina Pasta

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Soy Pasta

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Spinach Pasta

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Tomato Pasta

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Whole Wheat Lo Mein

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Whole Wheat Pasta

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Wonton Dough

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This pasta section is available to purchase as a digital copy on iBooks, but the iBook also goes into the detail of making pasta, and the equipment and utensils needed.

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