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This section covers all the different kinds of pastries. There are pastry recipes here for savory, sweet items, and neutral pastry that can be used for all kinds of things, both sweet and savory. One thing that will help you in achieving a successful pastry is to keep all of the ingredients well chilled prior to making the pastry. This includes refrigerating even the flour and bowls that you will use to make the final product. The general rule with pastry is that the butter or margarine should melt in the oven, and not in your hand or while working with it. If at any time you see the fat content start to melt while you are working with it, then refrigerate the pastry and continue after its cold. Many of the recipes here that use flour, just say flour but don't always specify what type or kind of flour, for this reason I have put together a special section on Choosing The Right Flour.
Where butter is used in any dessert recipe, it is a given that it is ALWAYS unsalted butter. I have also put together a section to help with the right decision called Butter or Margarine?.

Brisee Paste

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Chocolate Puff Pastry

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Choux Pastry #1

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Choux Pastry #2

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Puff Pastry

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Savory Paste

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Sweet Shortcrust #1

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Sweet Shortcrust #2

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